FLOODLIGHT is a top-down exploration-game set in a ruined research facility. 

Unfortunately, the facility is pretty much all out of power - you must START WITH NOTHING on the screen. 

By controlling two characters at once - a mother and a son - you must navigate this facility, acquiring the four keys required to activate the lift and move on to the next floor.

From a control room, the son is able to route power to various sectors of the facility. But you only have so much power to use at once, so make sure to use it wisely! As the game proceeds you will acquire more power cells and thus be able to light up more sectors at any one time.


- WASD to move

- L CLICK to toggle power in a sector

- SPACE to auto-complete lines of dialogue

- MOUSE WHEEL to zoom out and in

FLOODLIGHT is our entry for Ludum Dare 45, where the theme was "start with nothing". It was our first time participating in the jam and we had a ton of fun doing so! Challenged ourselves to add some story and character to this one, though we perhaps got a little carried away...

Hope you enjoy!

Rob, Jeremy, Benji, Daniel


- The Shepard Tone (the creepy perpetually-descending music that plays in the shadows) is from 1urker: https://freesound.org/people/1urker/sounds/456929/

- The wall-thud sound is a cropped and slightly altered version of the track posted by zerolagtime: https://freesound.org/people/zerolagtime/sounds/245033/ 

- The White Noise is from jhepkema: https://freesound.org/people/jhepkema/sounds/149445/

- The lift sound is a cropped version of this track from vacuumfan7072: https://freesound.org/people/vacuumfan7072/sounds/266150/

- Step sounds are our own foley from a previous jam (GMTK 2019)

- Everything else was made by us within the jam time limit.


- We weren't able to submit by the deadline (00:00). A nasty build error plagued us for the entire last hour (23:00 - 00:00) - something to do with a null reference caused by adjusting the opacity of the player portraits and dialogue box. We wound up disabling some of the associated code (which unfortunately means that the textbox is always visible and that you can't see who's talking...) to produce a working build and uploaded to itch.io - but by this point it was around 00:09. We saved and posted here as well and it seemed to allow us to do so, but it was after 00:00 so I'm not sure if this discounts us from the jam or anything? I'm assuming that it's okay because the LD site still let us submit, but sorry if we did something wrong by submitting after the deadline!! 

UPDATE 11/10/2019:

Jeremy managed to find a solution to our build problem and was able to reinstate what we originally removed in pursuit of a working build at the deadline. 

I then read in the rules that we're allowed to update the build with bug-fixes - as long as we indicate what's changed - so we fixed a couple of other things too:

- Fixed a load order issue that was breaking the chat system (and our build)

- Adjusted the physics layers of some objects to prevent them from interacting with the mouse (pits were getting in the way of mouse clicks - making some sectors hard to light)

- Fixed the adaptive soundtrack (set the additional layers to loop and to start playing from the beginning of the game so that everything syncs up properly)

- Various numerical tweaks to balance the power system




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Awesome game :) Good job guys!!!

Thanks very much! We had a lot of fun.